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Kataline Guest Hosts for Jimmy Lakey, 1/2/20 6-10 AM on 600KCOL

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Happy 2020!

Why have Jews so often been the canaries

in the coal mine when devastating danger to civilization has abounded through history? Tomorrow on 600KCOL, I’ll talk about that and who’s stoking the ugly anti-Semitic fires now.  Plus, is there a cause and effect between Gender Dysphoria and “Gender Fluidity” that is among the current head-scratching causes on the Left?


It happens in America every day. This happened in Greeley, to my ENT  Dr. Thomas Peterson who has never told this story on the radio before.

In light of the unconstitutional Red Flag Bill that will disarm victims, put police officers in danger & not help the mentally ill at all this story is more important than ever.

Matthew Burke, proprietor of “The Liberty Daily” one of the new big conservative websites cropping up to fill the void of the Durge left by the Drudge Report. 

Veteran, John Kennedy & wife Kathy tragically lost their veteran daughter to suicide less than a month ago. They are participating in the “Walk for 22,” to honor the memories of veterans lost to suicide and to raise money for this heartbreaking cause.

Think we could use more conservatives in film and theater?  Robert Cooperman is a conservative playwright and part of “Stage Right Theater Project” in OH and he’s doing it. See:  Conservative theatremakers, some emboldened by Trump’s election, look for inroads onstage.
He’ll join me tomorrow too.

Arapahoe County DA, George Brauchler will also stop by for a visit at 8:30.
All of that and more on 600KCOL 1/2/2020  6-10 AM.

To listen LIVE go to:

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