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GREENFIELD: It was mistake to make the war about the hostages

Hnuden, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Daniel Greenfield says it was a mistake to make the war about the hostages.  Find out why in this two-part interview.

Along with inflation & illegal immigration, will anyone in the debate mention that one candidate is being prevented from campaigning by the other candidate, who refuses to campaign? 

Despite constant media cheerleading and promotion, polls show a growing opposition to the transgender agenda. “Gays Against Groomers” are also opposed b/c they don’t want the targeting of kids in their name. Will anyone listen?


Hour 2  6/17/24
Guests: Kenneth Abramowitz, Daniel Greenfield


Hour 1  6/17/24
Adam Goodman, Kennnerly Davis, Steve Abramowicz, George Carneal




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