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Karen hosts The Alan Nathan Show 10.8.20

Guests include: Attorney General Leslis Rutledge, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Rabbi Tzvi Steinberg

Karen hosts The Alan Nathan Show, 10.8.20

  • Debate overnights have Pence winning 70/30 in many polls, while Harris is not likable and not trusted by large numbers in BOTH Parties.  Should Repubs start reminding people that she’s really running for President, not Vice President?
  • Trump ordered the declassification of all documents relating to Spygate. Is it too late to educate those who have never heard about it and think it’s another conspiracy theory?
  • The sight of police in New York breaking up pushing and herding Orthodox Jews from celebrating Sukkot in an outdoor celebration is truly horrifying sight. Have we now reached the point where religious celebrations are a crime but rioting is not?  You be the judge.
  • And what about the open targeting of Jews?  Is this reminiscent of anything?  Why are Democrats never held to account for their open hatred of Jews?

Guests: Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, Dr. Jerome Corsi, Tim Constantine, Rabbiu Tzvi Steinberg, & Sandra Lee


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