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Karen Kataline hosts The Alan Nathan Show 11/17/20

Guests: Wayne Allyn Root, Rick Gates, John Zmirak, John Hayward, Lowell Ponte

Karen Kataline is filling-in for Alan today while he is on assignment


  • The greatest political soap opera ever is still leaving us on the edge of our seats as many on the Right are paying lip service to the idea of a “President-elect Biden.” Is it over or just beginning?
  • Why is it the hardest thing in the world for some people to admit they’ve been duped?
  • Watch for people in the ‘Blue Oyster Leftist Cult’ clinging to the old notion that Trump must be removed by any means necessary even if he was the victim of fraud all along.
  • What is the “Great Re-set?”
  • Why are Leftists and Democrats so willing to admit that the Coronavirus hysteria and fraud is what they’ve been planning all along to grease the wheels of their true agenda?


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