Spouting Off

Kataline Does Main Street

      • Who’s most to blame for the deception, and propagandizing of ignorant, gullible college students so they’ll go and “protest” in favor of rape, murder, torture and starting wars?  Didn’t Leftists used be against that?
      • Microsoft’s new AI “Recall” Takes constant screenshots of your computer activity.  Along with destroying our privacy and free agency in our own lives, how much have computers become the tools of coercion and conformity?
      • Why is the Vice President of the United States mourning Palestinians who died while holding kidnapped Israeli hostages in the homes of Gazans who have consistently been portrayed as innocent civilians and “non-combatants?”

Karen Kataline is a regular guest host for the Alan Nathan Show on the Main Street Radio Network

Hour 1
Guests:  Janice Daniels, Andrew Riddaugh, Brent Hamachek, Dr. Edward Bartlett

Hour 2
Guests:  Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, A.J. Rice, Jennifer Barbosa

Author, AJ Rice



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