Spouting Off

Spouting Off, #146 November 6, 2020

Guest: Former First Lady of Virginia, Susan Allen

Spouting Off Friday, 12pm Mountain (2pm Eastern) will feature former First Lady Are you enthralled with every twist and turn of the election drama that’s playing out?
Take a deep breath and realize all of it is designed to manipulate your emotions. Much will play out before this is through. Selective news-watching is a must right now, especially if you’re easily riled!  Karen talks about holding on to your sanity in a truly “un-sane” world right now.

Guest:  Former First Lady of Virginia, Susan Allen, is a board member of the new pro-Trump Super PAC— Mothers for Safe Neighborhoods (MOMS) which was created to address the concerns of the suburban voters. MOMS launched last month with a $3 million ad buy targeted at suburban voters and restoring the rule of law.

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