GUNS: Slave states & Free states

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States are choosing up sides on Liberty, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and guns  are just one example.

Just as Texas is about to become the 21st state to allow Constitutional Carry of handguns without a permit, (Texas Poised To Become The 21st Constitutional Carry State) Democrat-controlled states are clamping down on gun rights more aggressively than ever before.

Take a closer look at the cluster of gun bills in Colorado, where there is a monopoly of Democrat power. With too few Republican votes to stop them, these new laws and much more are on their way to easy passage. (Thanks to the Firearms Coalition of Colorado for the following information and commentary.)

HB21-1255 Duran (D HD-24) and Gray (D HD-33)–Protection Order Issued Against Domestic Abuser–

This bill modifies the procedure for confiscating firearms (and ammunition) from a person subject to a Domestic Abuse Protection Order.  There are probable self-incrimination issues with this bill.  There are also storage availability and liability issues.

HB21-1298 Amabile (D HD-13) and Woodrow (D HD-6)–Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check Requirements–

This bill indefinitely extends the previous three-day deadline for processing a background check, in the event that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation can not determine the outcome of a case that would serve as a bar to gun ownership. The bill bans the purchase of a firearm for five years following a conviction for certain misdemeanors, and probably denies the ability to buy a gun upon arrest for any debilitating offense.  The bill opens the door for bureaucratic delays affecting the exercise of an enumerated Constitutional right.  Causing another person to be afraid could result in a 5-year ban on gun ownership.

HB21-1299  Sullivan (D HD-37) and Bacon (D HD-7)–Office Of Gun Violence Prevention–

This bill creates a state government propaganda organ to raise public awareness of the “public health crisis” of “gun violence,” and to “coordinate and promote effective efforts to reduce ‘gun violence’.”… “without contributing to mass incarceration.”  Apparently all efforts to reduce “gun violence” will be directed at law-abiding citizens, while keeping criminals out of jail.  The office will widely publicize procedures for obtaining an extreme risk (Red Flag) protection order, as well as other protection orders that rely on ex parte hearings, where accused citizens are not allowed to defend themselves or face their accusers.

SB21-256 Fenberg (D SD-18) and Moreno (D SD-21)–Concerning permitting regulation of firearms by local governing bodies–

This bill destroys statewide uniformity of gun regulations, effectively eliminates concealed carry, and creates a patchwork of local gun laws that will make compliance by average citizens very difficult, if not impossible. It will also likely destroy Colorado’s reciprocity relationships with other states.

Read the bills here: Bills, Resolutions, & Memorials | Colorado General Assembly.

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