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Kataline is in for Alan Nathan 7.28.20 Guests, David Horowitz, John Hayward, John Tyler

Karen Kataline is guest host for Alan Nathan on the Main Street Radio Network, 7.28.20

  • The liberties of law-abiding citizens are under attack,  yet there is not much push back. Why?
  • How do you break through the cult-like mindset and fear that has invaded even some Republican minds?
  • Is there a good emotional argument to make to those who have jumped on the bandwagon out of emotion?

Guests: David Horowitz, President of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, founder of Students for Academic Freedom.
John Hayward, Staff Writer with Breitbart News and author of Doctor Zero: Year OneJohn Tyler, Partner at Tyler & Bursch, co-Founder of Advocates for Faith & Freedom.

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