Is Prager a bit too Generous here?

Should we judge cowards more kindly because they can’t stand up to the pressure?  That’s seems to be what Prager is saying. Judge for yourself:

I Now Better Understand the ‘Good German’

Prager is also saying that brainwashing causes people not to eve want to stand up. On that observation, I agree.

That is why for so long, I have called Leftism a cult. That’s still no reason to be “generous” when so many more have not fallen prey to the cult. I’d rather focus on them and find out what elixir inoculated them: We can surmise the most obvious one:s Faith, conviction and accompanying social support in those, early education in the fundamental building blocks of Liberty and elevating rather than demeaning self-sufficiency.

The Left has been in the business of attacking every one of our Bill of Rights. That we’re alive to see their final push still astonishes me.


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