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Kataline hosts The Alan Nathan Show, 2/11/22


Karen Kataline hosts the Alan Nathan show for 2/11/22
High Contrast, CC BY 3.0 DE <>, via Wikimedia Commons

SUBJECTS: Truckers are winning. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced the end to his province’s vaccine passport system. Is defiance to tyranny growing around the globe with Mama Bears and Trucker leading the way?   //Is anyone watching the Chi-com Olympics or will this be the #LeastWatchedOlympics in history? //Do you trust politicians who are suddenly lifting mask mandates after TWO YEARS? Could the fact that it’s an election year have anything to do with it?

GUESTS: Art Moore, Christian Toto, Gary Rabine, Keith Lambert, Stefano Gennarini, Justin Olsen

  • Alan Nathan-Weekday – 02/11

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  • Alan Nathan-Weekday – 02/11

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