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Kataline fills in for Alan Nathan 9.22.20 Guests: John Andews, Jeanna Hoch & more

Karen fills in for Alan Nathan 9.22.20

Are there limits to how much Leftists can scare you? Bully you? Threaten you and the people you love with violence?
Are you willing to buckle and roll over for extortion?  That seems about all the Left has left.
The insanity and inanity abounds.  How DOES one keep track?
The replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsberg:  Is it possible that it’ll be less insane than it’s expected to be because things are so insane already?

Hour 1  Guests:  GianCarlo Canaparo, Former State Senator John Andrews & John Zmirak

Hour 2 Guests: Jeanna Hoch, Lowell Ponte


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