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Yes, Pollyanna, There Could be Bright Spots to the Coronavirus

Few are in the mood to listen to eternal optimists telling us to “look on the bright side,” of the Coronavirus. But when the dust settles there could be more to celebrate than just the fact that it’s over.

I share the great concern of many others that we could be shooting ourselves in the head because we have a headache. The level of government control that is being imposed upon us under the guise of “keeping us safe” has been shocking.  We have watched as the government has shut down and restricted our movements and our rights in a matter of days.

The usual suspects have shamed and demonized their fellow citizens for having doubts and asking questions. This hasn’t been new for them as we’ve watched them accelerate this pattern with a host of political issues. Those tactics only exacerbate suspicion and distrust as well it should. We have also watched in amazement as the great majority of Americans have dutifully complied with extreme demands with nary a whimper.

On the other hand, as Tevya says, it’s not a good idea to simply reject what we are hearing about this virus out of hand. As we all watch the story unfold together, the wisest approach is to remain open to new information and to keep a level head.

Regardless of our opinions about the necessity for these drastic actions, hardships and interruptions are being imposed on us whether we like it or not. We certainly hope our country will return to the one we know and love as quickly as possible. Here’s what Pollyanna might offer as a list of bright spots that could remain when it’s all over:

  • This could be globalism’s last stand.
  • Many more people are learning the necessity and benefits of home-schooling and taking more responsibility for the education of their children.
  • There is a clear benefit for countries to have borders and boundaries. In an incomprehensible time when states like California can control whether citizens travel to a neighboring county, the idea of open and porous borders seems absurd.  It was never xenophobic or bigoted to think so. Those who continue to support open borders are likely to be taken less seriously than ever.
  • In the face of a crisis and with the prospect of social unrest, a growing number of people are seeing the value of the Second Amendment and taking steps to exercise their rights. The folly of politicians who seek to disarm law-abiding citizens whether in good times or bad is being revealed as dangerous and irresponsible.
  • More people are watching how the support of buying American products and the manufacture of drugs and medical equipment in the United States is essential to our national security.  Globalism has been revealed as a serious threat to the life and health of our citizens.
  • Trusting Government bureaucrats with too much power is obviously unwise.
  • Preparing for emergencies and learning to be self-sufficient isn’t just a platitude anymore. It’s a necessity.
  • Americans may finally toughen up and realize that they “can’t always get what they want.” No government can promise the absence of disappointment. Learning how to tolerate uncertainty and disappointment is part of being an adult.
  • Those who are most equipped to weather storms like these are rural dwellers who have a tradition of depending on themselves rather than the government for their own well-being. They have endured disdain from big-city politicians, but this crisis may reveal that the laugh has been on them.
  • There could be a renaissance and a recognition that family and attention to our personal lives is essential to our survival. In many cases, it’s more important than what we do for a living.
  • There is a golden opportunity to respect and learn our history and to use this collective experience to educate the young and others that this is what socialism looks like. If we don’t understand what keeps us free and guard our Liberties, we will discover that once lost, it’s too late to get them back.
  • It may be time to abandon the myriad of petty and preposterous ideas we were being fed prior to the crisis–ideas like hating all men and believing that there are a Heinz 57 variety of genders. Those with few pressing problems can afford such silliness.
  • Many will return to God or whatever they conceive of God to be. Times like these help us recognize the value of prayer as a source for strength and humility.

Along with our prayers for the health and safety of our loved ones, our country, and our fellow citizens, we hope you’re right, Pollyanna.


photo credit: sniggie Pass the blame via photopin (license)

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