Spouting Off

Spouting Off 10/28/22 (Salem Dist.)

Here’s Spouting Off for 10/28/22

Joe Biden told us that his age (and therefore cognitive health) is a legitimate concern.*
Do we need his permission to decide what concerns are legitimate?  Isn’t that sort of a mindset also a concern?


Neil Mammen

Neil Mammen: Co-Founder of Every Black Life Matters, he co-founded five startup companies in Silicon Valley. His latest book is Does EVERY Black Life Matter? A Primer (Every Black Life Matters for Kids).

Eric Caron:  Retired U.S. Diplomat and former U.S. Special Agent. He has held senior positions within the Department of Treasury, Department of Homeland Security, and INTERPOL. He is the author of Switched On: The Heart And Mind of a Special Agent.

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