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Spouting Off, 4.17.20 GUEST: Steve Reams

Karen talks about the MAYDAY Movement, hatched in Colorado but part of a larger push-back against extreme shut-downs of states regardless of the changing facts on the ground.

Then, Karen welcomes Weld County, Colorado Sheriff, Steve Reams, who is being sued by the ACLU for not doing enough to prevent coronavirus infections. Is the ACLU planning to sue New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo whose state has the largest number of deaths due to COVID-19?  No, many Democrats are hoping to run him for President.

Sheriff Steve oversees over 350 employees between the Patrol, Detentions, Courts, and Volunteer divisions of the Weld County Sheriff’s Office.  He became nationally known when he spoke up against the Red Flag Bill and said he’d go to his own jail before he would enforce such unconstitutional laws.


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