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Spouting Off, April 8, 2022

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In The News:
High gas prices will affect food prices (yahoo.com)

Biden warns of global food shortages from Ukraine war (nypost.com)

ANALYSIS: Food rationing to be announced in America, followed by FOOD RIOTS and social unrest… Biden regime will invoke martial law in 2022 | SGT Report

The War in Ukraine is Creating a Massive Grain Shortage – News @ Northeastern
There are food shortages in grocery stores across the United States and supplies have tightened all over the globe. China and Russia have halted exports of fertilizer to the United States, an essential for the modern industrial farm. Farmers across our nation are speaking out and confirming that there will be a major grain shortage later in the year, especially with corn.

As a filmmaker, Sondra Martin Hicks witnessed the conservation farming method wipe out the food shortage problem in Zimbabwe. Sondra encourages, “We are not going to walk in fear; God has given us a plan, Victory Gardens. It’s the same plan He gave us in WWI and WWII.”
In 1942, when people relied on “Victory Gardens”, estimates suggest that the vegetables grown accounted for 40% of the produce eaten in the United States. We must return to this beautiful method for sustenance.

She now works tirelessly to spread the word about the movement Victory Gardens for Life. The movement started in 2021 in cooperation with lifelong farmer, Fred Billings through her HeartstoneNetwork.

Sondra Martin Hicks has set up training classes in cooperation with Fred who was the largest organic farmer in Houston, Texas for the last 10 years. These incredible classes empower people to grow their own food. Anyone can watch the training videos on Sondra’s Network for free.

What’s more Brighteon.tv is launching The Sondra HeartStone Show, and the topic right now is our nation’s food supply chain. Sondra starts with the farmers and does a deep dive on the subject. She believes that their input on what’s happening and the struggles they face must be discussed to solve this crisis. She highlights the modern process our food goes through before it hits the dinner table.

If we want to survive, relying on corporations must become a distant memory. Supporting each other with local gardens will make a huge difference in our communities. As owner of HeartStone Network, Sondra seeks to encourage the body of Christ to be bold and take action in these troubling times.

Visit www.heartstonenetwork.com and get Started on your Victory Garden for Life, today.

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