Beautiful, Beautiful…But Not if You’re Fat…

FATLASH! Food Police & the Fear of ThinI loved this letter posted by Emma, Mom of little Helena on her blog, “Wealthy Single Mommy.”

How ironic that  hatred which surrounds “fat” and obesity in this country never benefits from such positive expressions of acceptance.  In fact, people are expected to hate themselves and often do so in order to inocculate themselves from the onslaught of fat hatred from others. 

Fat hatred is often couched in  “…but it’s for your own good” and has ballooned to such proportions that many are called fat even when they aren’t, as the highest form of insult.

A positive body image isn’t necessary for just some. It’s a necessity to affect any lasting change in one’s own body, whether it is to lose weight or to tolerate an “imperfection.” Everyone’s entitled to disapprove of course, but wouldn’t it be great if people recognized more readily, that people come in all shapes and sizes and forcing them to fit into prescribed dimensions is really not their business?

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