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#DefyTyrants and #UNMASK

Finally, there is valuable information about the hoax of mask orders. Has this all been tested in court? No.  The wheels of justice move slowly in this country.

The mayor of Nevada City, in a controversial social media post, suggested that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent order for all Californians to wear masks when in public was not legitimate.

Northern California mayor lashes out at Newsom’s mask order: ‘There is no law’

No wonder censorship on social media is a primary to allow scare tactics to go unchallenged by silencing the voices of dissenters.

The only way the truth will have wings is if we #DefyTyrants and #UNMASK These are Twitter and #Parler hashtags that need to be used together and go viral.

There is confusion about whether Democrat Governors and un-elected Bureaucrats can even make such laws and how they could possibly be enforced.  By the time all of that is sorted out, the psychological operation will have served it’s purpose. God knows what else on the horizon. If you look closely, you can see–all by the use of force: Vaccines, “contact tracing,” removing people from their homes, shutting down their businesses.  Wait, a lot of that is already happening.

Think of how powerful it would be for the maximum number of people possible to go into a store that claims to demand masks. At a synchronized time from all over the store, remove masks and start singing the National Anthem or God Bless America!! Then, either leave all together or let them try to have you all arrested. That. is. how. to. fight. back.

It’s time for every one of us to be Community Organizers in our own communities.

The time for arguing about the efficacy of masks has passed. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea. That debate is immaterial. What matters is that it remains your choice and mine.

It’s time to #DefyTyrants and #UNMASK!



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