Fighting to Make the Case for the Obvious

Dierenbach: A pandemic of hubris in Colorado

Here’s a good article using Colorado as an example of what is happening in Democrat-controlled states all over the country:

Dierenbach: A pandemic of hubris in Colorado

Governor Polis would maintain his state of emergency through the summer of 2020, never seriously considering the trade-offs involved – a far cry from the deliberative policy process one would hope our government would undertake when enacting such widespread and oppressive orders.

But hasn’t this been apparent for months? Why does it take constant analysis for so many conservatives to come to an obvious conclusion? While we dither, people suffer.

Kamala Harris gently mentioned how part of her “plan” is national contact tracing. Do most people know what that is? I submit that they don’t.

We must be the leaders and let them know what we will and will not accept. Our constitution guarantees that. They took an oath to protect it.

Non-violent resistance is the only way to stop the bullying and intimidation. As we have also been saying for months, it will only get worse.





photo credit: designwallah Ready for anything via photopin (license)

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