People asked for clarification on this meme. Here it is…

I am pleased that so many people asked for clarification on this meme. Must mean someone’s reading it!

Here’s the clarification:
Big box stores are doing the bidding of governors and un-elected bureaucrats who know they can’t enforce these unconstitutional and ridiculous laws, so they are making these stores their proxy.
That symbolically and perhaps even literally is turning them into “government grocery” stores. King Soopers pipes in government messages that are reminiscent of 1984. Walmart places arrows on their floors telling you where to walk.
Remember which stores remained open and which were shut down in March? Now we’re discovering why.
Remember when liberals hated Walmart and big box stores in favor of Mom and Pop stores? Now they’ve done a complete 180. They’re lemmings and don’t care how little sense any of this makes. As long as it’s a Democrat giving the order, they lick the floor.
We are looking down the barrel of government groceries, government churches, government synagogues, government banks (of course) and government control of…you guessed it—the means of production.
Please don’t comply with this government takeover not only of private businesses but of private life. Diligently look for alternatives. Compliance with tyranny will only breed more tyranny.
If you disagree, by all means try to change my mind.


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