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Freedom Comes in Many Flavors November, 2012)

On the eve of the conclusion of what has seemed like an interminable election cycle, I’m in the mood to wax philosophical about the issues I care about most and the country I love so much.  (how sad that in some corners, such proclamations of love for one’s country is considered to be extreme.)

Freedom has always been the language of America and both parties have been known to use the idea to defend agendas which contradict those basic precepts. It behooves the voter to conduct his own taste test to determine whether the agenda truly shows respect for individual liberty and freedom.

If you are so adamant about your point of view that you would use the power and force of government to compel others to comply, you are no champion of freedom.  If you draw no distinction between what you yourself would choose to do and what you would force others to do, then you do not understand our founding principles of Liberty.  If you think you are entitled to “save others from themselves,” it will only be a matter of time before someone will appoint themselves lord and master over you too.

The true litmus test for freedom is to defend to the death others’ rights to behave as you wouldn’t, so long as it does not infringe on your rights to do the same. Unfortunately, we are living in a time when that simple principle has been twisted and neglected.

I may abhor sodium and soda in 17 oz containers, but I’ll defend to the death your right to ingest them.  That is but one flavor and defense of freedom but it symbolizes so many others.   So  please vote and vote responsibly!

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  1. Karen, your comments on freedom are spot on. Freedom is difficult, it comes with personal responsibility that few are willing to assume today. So many don’t realize that the price paid in personal responsibility today is small compared to the price paid later in relinquishing responsibility, and choices to the government or another authority.

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