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In Denial about Being Duped

Cults are fascinating not just to learn what attracts people to them but even more, for what drives people to finally leave them.

If we could bottle that, we could extricate many more from the Leftism which has overtaken the Democrat party and which has become more virulent than perhaps we’ve ever seen.

I detailed this in a piece,  Similarities between Cults and Liberalism  a few years ago. These observations apply more to the people on the bandwagon than to the those driving the bus.

The anvil of reality that dropped in the form of the final Mueller report, provided a fresh opportunity for members to leave the cult of Liberalism. Unfortunately, many followers would rather continue believing the people who have been lying to them for three years than to admit they were taken in by con artists.

No one wants to admit they’ve been duped. Many people would rather look ridiculous rather than to admit that. What is it that allows a person to break through that much denial?  The best answer I’ve heard from former Leftists is the courage they mustered to ask that very first question. Not long after, they were treated to the same rage and banishment that they were taught to afflict on others before them who dared to question.

Is it any wonder that authoritarians will always do anything they can to shut down free thought? When you encounter an ideology or a person who demonizes you for your doubts or your questions, you are dealing with just such an authoritarian. How deadly dangerously when those authoritarians gain power and inhabit a government that can force you to bend to their will. Independence of thought is never a threat to people who have no interest in controlling you.

Our job with many in the opposition is to keep challenging them to simply ask that first question.


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