BREITBART: Democrats publicly encourage cheating while insisting they never cheat.

Latest scheme from Andrew Yang

Would a party that encourages this publicly try to cheat “privately?” Nah. Does this show that they’ll do anything to invalidate the votes of people who actually live in Georgia?  Yep.

It’s still hard to believe that there are people who refuse to look at the facts and the track record of the party that was taken over by socialists and communists. It’s the only way any of their actions make sense.
Their motive: To wrest the country from it’s Founding as a constitutional republic and take it over by force, turning it into socialist/communist hell hole. They think they’ll don “better.” They’ll be run over by a freight train and take the rest of us with them.
Until people regardless of party realize what this is really about, we’ll still be talking around the subject. In this case, past results ARE an indicator of future performance.
photo credit: Thomas Hawk Andrew Yang via photopin (license)

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