Joe Biden’s Bloopers, Blunders, and Gaffes: The TOP 30 Countdown!

The Myth of Joe Biden

If you take the time to watch just these 30 Biden Bloopers (There is an Encyclopedia Britannica of more) you'll have to take a Valium that any "major" political party in the United States of America could run such a candidate for POTUS and keep a straight face. (My favorite is #10)

But these are deadly serious times and these people are creating cartoons for you to step into (and we'll bully you if you don't!) Biden is actually the perfect candidate for this bunch, since he epitomizes the fraud this party has been perpetrating on all of us since Donald Trump dared to run for #POTUS

Watch it and then go have a Scotch. (For me, it's Manischewitz)


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