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Why They Hate Trump

Plenty of pundits regularly explain the unhinged resistance to Donald Trump on the left and the right with paragraphs that begin with, “They hate Trump so much…”

We regularly hear them referred to simply as “Trump-haters.”  We’ve also heard the adage, “They hate Trump more than they love our country.”

The answer we are given as to why they hate Trump so much is because of, as Rush Limbaugh said recently, “style and civility.”

Among the political classes, the opposition to Trump began well before his inauguration by “trumping up” hatred for him regardless of any facts.  They have actually been willing to frame and defame him with the ultimate goal of removing him from office by any means necessary, including fraud.

Are we to believe that all of this is because their delicate sensibilities have been offended by Trump’s style, civility, or the lack thereof?

George W. Bush’s style was often embarrassing but Republicans never colluded with Democrats to frame him, endlessly threatened to primary him, and certainly didn’t do that against the backdrop of a raging economy, which the Bush years paled by comparison.  Add to that a popularity among blacks and Hispanics that would have sent Republicans into ecstasy and an economic recovery and GDP that is the perfect teaching tool for how free markets work and socialism doesn’t.  That is, unless you are deliberately trying to destroy a thriving country but that’s another blog post for another day.

I firmly believe that deep-staters would hardly care about Trump’s style if he were willing to abandon policies like these:

  • Government accountable to the people instead of people accountable to the government
  • Exposing lies, corruption, and crony capitalism
  • Allegiance to American borders and American sovereignty rather than to globalism
  • Adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law which includes enforcement of our immigration laws.
  • Unapologetic love for our country, the military and our first-responders.
  • A complete disregard for identity politics and in its place, a regular demonstration of respect for merit and individual achievement

They don’t hate Trump.  They hate what he stands for. It’s hard to get your brain around but if it’s true, that’s the biggest crisis of all.


photo credit: alisdare1 The Most Dangerous Person in the World via photopin (license)

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