Morally bankrupt people are dictating your morals….

Morally bankrupt people are dictating your morals.

For most Leftists who have been morally bankrupt for decades, there is no difference between what this despicable woman (Fired VA staffer admits to murdering 7 patients). did and not wearing a mask. Not only are we all the same, but law-abiding citizens are criminals and criminals are now victims who should be released from prison so we can protect them from coronavirus. (Huh?)

Remember the OJ Simpson trial when the idea was introduced to the entire country that racism is worse that murdering two people? They put the cop on trial to distract from the criminal on trial and the crime. That's happening a lot more often now. It was a strategy then and it's a strategy now. Blind Justice has removed her blindfold and lowered it to cover her mouth.

The Left lost the ability to distinguish right from wrong a long time ago. Wrong is whatever we say it is. That means right is what we say it is as well. We are right to terrorize and bully you into submission to our twisted values–our desire to make you pay for what someone else did, to discriminate against you because of the color of your skin.

You are wrong to resist. That's called tyranny. As a friend often writes, "You good with tyranny?"

Fired nursing assistant admits to murdering 7 veterans

A former staffer on a veterans affairs ward has admitted to a string of killings at a West Virginia hospital.


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