Spouting Off

Spouting Off, July 10, 2018

It’s the 40th episode of Spouting Off!  In the opening monologue, Karen describes the mission and message for #WeArentVictims (WAV),  a reasoned response to the #MeToo movement.  As described in her second piece for The American Thinker, Karen discusses how the #MeToo movement continues to be used as a political battering ram to re-make state legislatures around the country without allowing a vote of their consitutency, organize women into the next victim voting bloc, and emasculate men.  Learn more and get involved! Go to:  Facebook:  /WeArentVictims Twitter:  @WeArentVictims

Then, Karen welcomes her friend and internationally known scientist and speaker, Dr. Martina Cartwright. They discuss President Trump’s SCOTUS pic, Brett Kavanaugh and the left’s reactive, planned meltdown. Since Dr. Cartwright wrote the Foreword to Karen’s book FATLASH! they also talk about the new launch of #WeArentVictims and the difference between sexual behavior towards children vs. adults.


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