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Surprise! People in Hollywood are Superficial

The unfolding college admission scandal has ensnared a few Hollywood celebrities. As we know, they act for a living. That’s the “art” of making fantasy and lies look as real as possible for the sake of entertainment. While I don’t have anything against that, what I find most entertaining is how so much segments of the public puts these people on pedestals.

Jack Benny once said, “The most important thing in acting is honesty. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

It shouldn’t too surprising that celebrities are so concerned about their kids appearing to be accomplished that they don’t seem to care whether they actually are.

Some pundits have made the point that these parents didn’t do their kids any favors, but that assumes that it was at some point about the kids. What it was about was their own needs to maintain the appearance of perfection.  Their kids are merely extensions of them. (See my book FATLASH! for a personal account of this syndrome.)

The only surprise in this story is that the scam in which these celebrities were involved has exposed. It probably won’t be long before Hollywood hypocrites start blaming Donald Trump for that too.

In this case, they could be partially be right. The era of Trump continues to  expose the “phony” in some of our most pretentious people and institutions.

photo credit: Rachel.Adams The Graduate via photopin (license)

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