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Focusing on the Petty to Hide the Profound

Not that sexual indiscretions don’t deserve scrutiny but what’s with the obsessive focus on that so as to hide Andrew Cuomo’s most gruesome indiscretion?  He ordered, yes ordered COVID positive patients into New York nursing homes to infect the most vulnerable of our citizens, dooming thousands of other peoples’ loved ones to death.

Cuomo apologizes for ‘insensitive’ comments, turns over sexual harassment investigation to AG’s office

This is not unlike how OJ Simpson was acquitted with the suggestion that racism is somehow worse than murdering two people.  Last I checked, racism may be ignorant but it is not a crime punishable by the government unless of course the cancel culture continues unabated.  It’s also interesting when race and politics-obsessed Leftists get to be in charge of deciding who is and is not a racist so as to cancel the opponents.  As Church Lady used to say, “How Convenient.”

Leftists are committed to twisting the culture into a fantasyland so they can obfuscate the reality that their poisonous ideas are the real virus.  It’s hardly a coincidence that the virus with a 99.86% rate of survival (except for nursing home residents) is being used to divert and distract the public into handing over their country and their rights.


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