The real reason the Left needed people to hate Trump

When Donald Trump first said, “America will never be a Socialist country” the Left and their minions fumed. They knew he was committed to that from the start but he had finally said it to the public without apology.

Trump’s stunning resilience and resolve against their spying, booby traps, false accusations, frame-ups and constant public humiliation only served to further inflame them until it showed a lot more people just how crazy they always were.

All of this may seem like old news but the most important point is often still missed–even by a long list of conservatives who ought to know better.

If they did everything they could to make the public hate Donald Trump because he was against socialism and communism and actually said so, wouldn’t that make them, his lying, cheating opponents the socialists and communists?

While knee-jerk conservatives looked at Trump as just another politician –an outsider maybe, the first businessman politician who was certainly different, but they always compared him to every other President rather than recognizing that he was our last stop-gap measure to turning off the road we are speeding along now.

That road isn’t just socialism, it’s the road to economic collapse leading to full-blown authoritarianism, complete with “re-imagined” law enforcement.  Once they dispense with law enforcement officers who remember their oath to serve and protect American citizens and the constitution, they will replace them with enforcers who give true meaning to the term “police brutality.”

Only by destroying America and to a lesser extent, it’s ally in the Middle East Israel, can the Left which now completely controls the Democrat party accomplish their real goal:  A one-world, communist government.

To think!  Those short-sighted conservatives made their priority to let us know how “fair-minded” they were by reminding us that they didn’t like Trump’s style or his Tweets.

This was perhaps most frustrating, apart from the corrupt Republicans who were exposed as having little to no concern about election fraud, a takeover of our country by communists and socialists and the end of the free western world, that was among the most frustrating things of all.

Just a couple of years ago, the preceding paragraph would have been labeled  broad-brush, radical, conjecture, but in light of what we’re watching now and wherever the Left is in power…

Now, not so much, huh?

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