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Did Trump Just Defend or Offend The Jewish People?

The latest faux outrage in a news cycle which is getting tougher and tougher to keep up with, concerns President Trump’s re-tweet of a comment reportedly by Wayne Allyn Root, proclaiming Trump as “King of the Jews” and (I still can’t find this one) “the Second Coming of God.”

The secular media propagandists love to spin things like this particularly when they think it will offend Christians who are their primary target.  Sadly, American Jews who support Trump are a minority within an already tiny minority.  I proudly count myself among that group.

I believe that it is virtually impossible to deny that Donald Trump has been a spectacular President for Israel and the Jewish People and frankly, for all groups that the Left has come to think of as their own personal mascots. Those who still deny this are certainly more focused on that river in Egypt.

First, it is not Jewish in the least to proclaim anyone as “the second coming,”  because, while the idea of the Messiah was originally a Jewish concept, the idea was never meant to describe a person who would be divine or would be considered to be God. The first and the “Second coming” is a Christian idea and I must add, “Viva La Difference!”  Jews have flourished in America precisely because of religious pluralism and the 1st Amendment which guarantees that “Congress shall make no law respecting “an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Second, the legacy media has never stopped trying to peg Trump as an anti-Semite despite the virulent anti-Semites in their midst, particularly the ones that are calling the shots in their own party.  Once again, they point to the old “trope” that Trump accused Jews of being disloyal. They left out the small detail that he was saying that if they supported the Democrat Party, they would be disloyal to Israel and the Jewish People, not to America.  I know of no anti-Semite who cares a wit about American Jews’ loyalty to Israel and the Jewish People.  Can you see Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib showing concern about that?

Why is it when these folks are caught in spin after spin and lie after lie, they are still given credence as if the next thing they say will be more credible?  I find that INcredible.

Again and again, the Democrat Party and their cocktail-swilling BFFs in the legacy media have been hoisted by their own petard–much like Haman who was hung on a gallows he had made for the Jews in the story of Esther we read at Purim every year. Hey, that’s Jewish isn’t it?  You bet it is.

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