What if……

Is it fair to use this example to indicate a possible pattern suggesting a greater motive?

Of course it is.

The local health department didn’t have an answer as to how Sandra Whittington ‘tested’ positive or why they didn’t inform her for months.

Woman Who Died in Feb. Gets Letter Claiming She Was Tested for COVID, Declared Positive

  • What if the COVID numbers really were inflated?
  • What if they had a clear motive for doing so?
  • What if they were “Smolletting” an entire nation, and were manufacturing deaths because of a shortage of real ones?
    (Andrew Cuomo did them one better, and caused real deaths)
  • What if they were tying about all of it and using fear to break the will of Americans?
  • What if you watched them use bullying and intimidation to force their enemies to comply?
  • Would you still wear that ridiculous rag on your face?
  • Would you still do as are told by the same people who you discovered were lying all along?
  • Would you still comply?
  • When would you stop?


photo credit: Scam via photopin (license)

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