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Why Tyrants are so Offended by Other Peoples’ Liberty

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The propaganda media has brought collectivism to a new level with their newest campaign to smear entire states as if they were giant people.

Florida and Texas have joined the growing number of boogeymen groups that Leftists and their media minions have created, like white people, straight men, Christians, Trump supporters, rural dwellers, and anyone of any color who loves America.

It’s hardly a coincidence that those groups pose a threat to the viral strain of authoritarianism that is currently running rampant in our country.

The media’s influence in this can’t be underestimated, as it has made it fashionable to be a bigot, so long as you’re the right kind of bigot and you hate the “right” kind of people. To top it off, they have also made intellectual laziness not only acceptable, but praiseworthy.

The public has been made ready for the next step in the trot toward ever-increasing tyranny.  They must dump their most treasured principles like “innocence until proven guilty;” “equal justice under the law;” and “that government which governs least governs best.”

Replacing those principles are notions like these: It’s okay to make snap judgements based solely on superficial appearances political agendas; there’s nothing wrong with making gross generalizations that smear giant groups of people, Individual bad behavior can and should be blamed on those groups of people;  government control of every aspect of your life shows they care about you; one should assist the government in persecuting those who refuse to goose step to their every new flip-flop.

Governors Rick DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas have taken major steps to protect the individual liberties of those who elected them. To counteract this, the media has begun to inflate their number of COVID cases (not deaths) as an excuse to blare negative, paranoid headlines about those upstart, freedom-loving states.

You can draw yourself a map. Where Democrats are in control, there are mandates, vax passports, threats, intimidation and the overt persecution of Refuseniks.  Not coincidentally, those are also the places where there are garbage-filled tent cities, sky-rocketing crime rates, drug-infested neighborhoods, and the mass exodus of those who have the means to leave. Funny how that same media that demonizes Florida and Texas consistently ignores all that.

Free people have no desire to control others. They simply want to be left alone. When they do decide to be activists in order to have an impact on public policy, they use persuasion, not force. They know that to protect the rights of others to their own thinking and decisions protects their own rights as well.

In our current, upside-down culture, the dislike of someone’s behavior constitutes oppression and force, while the use of actual force is merely an “inconvenience or a temporary necessity.  “It’s for our own good, you know!”

But as we watch with our own eyes, the theft of our free will is never temporary. In fact, one of the current objectives of the Left appears to be to demonize people who still insist on exercising their own free will and to paint them as a threat to the health and well-being of those who have already lost their own.

To the extent that these groups threaten the rise of totalitarianism with its required deletion of individuality, they are indeed a threat.

Ironically, tyrants are actually quite needy. They will never leave freedom-loving people alone because they won’t be content to control just a city, a state or even a country. They must keep amassing power to justify their self-proclaimed authority and to prevent the next grandiose, narcissist who hopes to topple their fiefdom.

Just as China is no longer content to rule only China, America’s tyrants-in-training are no longer content to control just New York, California, or Illinois. They must continue to poke and prod Texas, Florida and New Hampshire into submission as well.

By turning city against city, state against state, and citizen against citizen, they continue to feed their insatiable hunger for power.

This all comes crashing down as one tyrannical faction attempts to subjugate another, but until then, the best, the innocent, and truly tolerant people get rolled over and often destroyed.

Those who hold fast to their God-given Liberties and refuse to forget our most deeply held constitutional principles still don’t know their own strength.

We need that strength now, more than ever.

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