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Media telegraphs agenda they’ll push all summer

Record_News.svg: RÁDIO E TELEVISÃO RECORD S/Aderivative work: GabbielSan, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

These days, the media propaganda machine can always be depended upon to report news they are hoping to create rather than news that has actually happened.

If you fully understand this, you’ll look clairvoyant when you can predict their next move so easily.

Here’s a recent example:

Rash of mass shootings stirs U.S. fears heading into summer

This is not to say that there aren’t deep concerns about these horrible mass murders, but this headline is telling you how you should feel about it and reporting it as if they have already observed it.

Remember when the Left began to accuse conservatives of  “dog whistles?” They love to accuse their opponents of what they do or are planning to do. It’s a prime Alinsky strategy.

Look at how they frame the issue in advance. Are “US fears” the main point of the story or is it part of the fear they intend to continue stirring so they can push their gun control agenda?

We watch again and again as the Left and its media minions consistently reject laws that punish the criminals who commit these atrocities. Their constant new gun laws always target law-abiding citizens who own guns to defend themselves from those very criminals whom they portray as victims and for whom they regularly lobby for early release from prison.

This is a media that has made it clear time and again, that they are only concerned with certain murders and certain crimes. When they find one that fits their agenda, they report it incessantly as if all other crimes are exactly the same.

With a track record like that, what credibility could they possibly have left?  –except as a heads up on what they’re planning next.

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