AOC is concerned with Trump’s ‘perilous medical state’

She doubts his ability to make "dramatic decisions"

Following Trump’s decision to halt a COVID-19 relief package until after the election, AOC expressed doubts about his ability to make “dramatic decisions.”

AOC is concerned with Trump’s ‘perilous medical state’ and thinks he shouldn’t be making ‘dramatic decisions’

Is avowed socialist, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez suddenly acknowledging that Trump has made great decisions?

That’s what she seems to be saying as she cries more crocodile tears that his recent and exceptionally brief bout with coronavirus will make him unable to make “dramatic decisions.”

Has she ever liked any of his decisions?   – even the ones that earned him three Nobel Peace Price nominations? Two of those dealt with the Middle East so I’m going to guess no.

Being a Democrat today means you never have to acknowledge anything you’ve ever said before. It’s as though everyone is a blank slate.

This young woman certainly appears to be.


photo credit: Thomas Hawk AOC via photopin (license)

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