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The right to self-defense: John Zmirak and more


      • Why is it that the same people who are trying so hard to take away our Liberties also want to take away our rights to self-defense? Do they always go together or is it somehow a coincidence? If not, what’s the end-game?
      • What started out as a Truckers Convoy has become the Take Our Border Back North America Alliance. Their stated two main goals are: “to secure our borders and secure our ballot boxes.” How can Truckers make a difference?
      • Is it time for shareholders to attend board meeting and directly confront top national brands about their leftist political stances? With spectacular downfalls like Bud Light, Disney, Target & more, shareholders have more  standing than anyone, don’t they?
      • The radical Left, & the Democrat party it controls, has fully removed its mask. They’re no longer pretending to be concerned about fairness, upholding the constitution or loving the country. Where do we go from here?   
        Author: John Zmirak

Kataline as a regular guest host of the Alan Nathan Show 6/3/24

Hour 1:
Guests:  Capt. Hung Cao (USN, Ret), Stefan Padfield, Steve Abramowicz, John Zmirak (Part 1)

Hour 2:
Guests:  Paul Hutchinson, Gabriella Hoffman, Eddie Cornell, John Zmirak (Part 2)

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