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Beasts & Zombies

Paramount Pictures, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

“Our patience is wearing thin.”

Those words were uttered to Americans by a President of the United States who also referred to nuclear weapons as a means of putting down citizens who still believe in the 2nd Amendment.

Our patience is wearing thin,” also means that since you are refusing to do what we say, we will now start forcing you to do what we say. None of this should be a surprise at this point but to some, it still is.

The message is as clear as our rusted but still beautiful Liberty bell: We were only pretending that you had a right to say no. We wanted you to think that we still believe there are limits to our power and that we must use persuasion (or bribery) to get you to do whatever we want, but that was just until we “ran out of patience.”

And for what? For a flawed, obviously false claim that the vaccine is safe or remotely necessary. -that it would protect people from a 98.86% non lethal threat and from those horribly selfish, Refuseniks who haven’t complied “yet.”  -that it would allow those who complied to “return to “normal,” and they would be done with the masks, the shots and the dictates.

Over half the country knows now, that none of it was ever true. They also know that those “calling the shots” (and the boosters too) don’t care what we know or what we think. They care only that we obey.

-and we’d better not forget that this is all because they “care” about us and it’s “for our own good.”

The zombies who have already complied, taken the jab or have continued to wear their masks are being given the green light to fear, hate, scapegoat, and openly persecute the non-zombies in their midst because well, they have continued to comply with everything else. Why not that?

If those zombies don’t comply with this new, socially-sanctioned brand of hatred and persecution, they will eventually be persecuted too.

From the moment we saw the mask mandates, we knew vax mandates would be right around the corner. Something else is coming. Regardless of whether people knew it or not, we were put on notice of that a long time ago.

If I were a Christian, I’d think these heinous injections and medical experiments were the “mark of the beast.”  In my cursory reading, there are apparently as many interpretations of this as there are Christian denominations, but the message is relatively similar. Those who have ceased to answer to God and have anointed government and other men as God must be forced to show their submission.

Among my mottos for some time has been:  God gave us free will. We should never expect less from our government.

By the way, if you celebrate that sort of thing, Happy Jewish New Year.

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