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It is Immaterial whether Masks ‘Work’ or Not

We are seeing a constant stream of propaganda coming from those who are trying endlessly to convince us that “masks work.”

Here’s one courtesy of UCHealth Today, entitled, The science says: Wear a mask

In one of the greatest farces of 2020, it apparently still matters to zombified zealots that they convince us of the “science” of wearing masks everywhere we go despite the fact that we are already being forced into it.

In many places around the country, strong-arm tactics are escalating even though the death tolls are dropping substantially.  Formerly private businesses are now being sanctioned and rewarded for discriminating against their own customers and forcing them to do as Government Simon Says.

Who are those people who are marching in lock step to put a stranglehold on our economy and our Liberties since March of this year?  They’re the people we elected to serve us, not subjugate us.

The implication of these constant attempts to convince us they’re right in light of the force and coercion they are currently imposing on us, is that as long as our “betters” think something is good for us, it’s okay for them to force us to do it.

Whether these government “elites” are outright evil or merely misguided, this makes it possible for them to force us to do anything so long as it is deemed “scientific” or “for your own good.”  The ramifications of the public’s acceptance of that should be obvious and chilling. Sadly, it’s still not obvious enough.

Whether masks “work” or don’t is thoroughly immaterial to the discussion if the use of masks in public are being forced on people by those with the power to do so.  The issue isn’t the mask. It’s the force.

Furthermore, if you have bought into the lie that everyone must wear a mask or that everyone who chooses not to wear one is killing grandma, then your sense of logic and reason makes it worthless to bother.

Finally, those who still have that sense of logic and reason must abandon their desire to be liked by complying with a lie.  As Kurt Schlicter said some time ago: “They Hate you, Act Accordingly”

The sooner you stop caring what anyone thinks in a blue pill world like the one in which we currently live,  the happier and more effective you’ll be.

In a world where dissent and telling the truth is an act of “civil disobedience,” you will never be liked. Consider it a badge of courage.

Stand tall and strong in what you know to be so and keep remembering that just like “Hebrew National” those of faith answer to a higher authority.

This culture war will never end until the side of lies, deceit, and propaganda is exposed and defeated for what it really is. In America so far at least, you still get to decide which one that is.


photo credit: MTAPhotos MTA Launches Operation Respect via photopin (license)

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