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Consent Only Matters When They Tell You it Does

Leftists are curious creatures. Their tangents exist in vacuums.

Take for example, their current tangent about consent as it relates to sex and male/female relationships. There is actually a new product called, Consent Condoms that panders to these new “consent crusaders.” It requires four hands to open the box.

Leftists panned the product and sniffed how ridiculous it was since rapists aren’t generally considerate enough to take the time to use a condom. That’s a point well taken, but they don’t realize that they created these silly putty definitions and the nannyistic notions that go with them. They indiscriminately over-generalize when it suits them and are quite comfortable ignoring the glaring contradictions when it doesn’t.

Here are some others in a long list which we are expected to ignore:

  • They lectured us for years about how being gay is not a choice. Now apparently, gender itself is a choice. It’s fluid don’t you know! However, we must never say that being gay is a choice. That’s homophobic.
  • They led the charge against littering. Now they believe that anyone should be allowed to camp and even defacate in public parks, on the street or anywhere else they choose. Wasn’t it Leftists who demanded that we clean up after our pets?  Such inside-out policies have turned once beautiful cities like Seattle and San Francisco into sewers and trash heaps. Where is Bette Midler when we need her? She’s too busy trashing Donald Trump.
  • They are avid “feminists” who hurl the charge of misogyny at anyone who disagrees with them, but it’s okay to let men into women’s bathrooms.
  • They are more concerned with our safety than we are. That’s why they are so passionate about gun control.  Of course, when un-vetted criminals and gang members come through our southern border and kill innocent citizens, it’s a false crisis.
  • They don’t believe in stereotyping, but masculinity is “toxic,” 
Christians are haters, Trump voters are the dregs of society and “deplorable,” and white people are privileged racists.
  • It’s always for the children unless they are either just born or in the birth canal.

There’s no greater contradiction being played out on the national stage than the Leftist notion of consent.  They lecture us about it in one breath but are currently working diligently to force a host of policies on states with Democrat majorities in the next. I wrote about this recently in my Western Journal op-ed:  Imposing Socialism on America One State at a Time.

There is an urgent need for Constitutional Conservatives to take the lead for once and use popular culture to teach one of the most fundamental concepts on which America was founded:  The Consent of the Governed.


photo credit: Rural Resources Victim Services Consent Worksheet via photopin (license)

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