What’s behind Leftists’ Abandonment of ‘Defund the Police?’

As conservatives watch Democrats suddenly start blaming Republicans for “Defund the police,” they are 100% right to ask, “What are they up to now?”

When we’ve watched Democrats come out with incomprehensible accusations and complete about faces, we’ve seen that they are priming the pump for their next destructive (to us) political strategy.

After almost a year and a half of inciting violence and turning a blind eye to rioters and looters as long (if they agree with them) and becoming hysterical that it’s an “armed insurrection” (it wasn’t) if they don’t,  they are suddenly pretending to care about the “little people” who are getting pummeled by the unprecedented surge in crime that they caused.

Democrats didn’t call to “Defund the Military.” They just enacted a plan to co-opt them and turn them into goons willing to harass their opponents. Never forget that socialism/communism requires the control of everything.

Does anyone think that when they begin to hire more police, they will look for people who revere the constitution and the constitutional rights of all citizens regardless of their politics?

Is that the equality and equal justice they claim they seek?

Genuine integrity requires us to uphold our principles even when it’s most difficult, not just when it’s easy.

Karen Kataline

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