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Dying children must be vaxed before they can ‘Make a Wish?’

Bill Larkins, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

The stupidity never ends but it’s stupidity with a growing strain of viral dictatorship.

Now, the “Make a Wish” Foundation will not grant wishes to dying children unless they have been fully vaccinated.

Isn’t that like lording your power over the smallest, weakest, and sickest among us? The brazenness of this is becoming commonplace.

Make-a-Wish Foundation to grant wishes only to terminally ill children who are fully vaccinated

The message is clear. If kids do not obey us with their last dying breath, we don’t care about them. All those donations and positive press we’ve received over the years and the preening that we do such good works is really a lie.  It’s for us and our international money-making operation, not “for the children.”  Sounds like politics doesn’t it?

It must be the same concern that causes government goons and unelected bureaucrats to demand that younger and younger people get vaxed even though evidence is piling up that they risk serious and long-term health risks.

Colleges and universities are ignoring those risks as well. Wrapping intentional harm in a whole lot of phony compassion is quite a trick.  Despite ignoring all “the science” they have that part down to a science.

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