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The “Trump-Russia Investigation:” Prosecuted by Criminals

It’s clearer than ever that as the “Trump-Russia Investigation” supposedly winds down, (I’m not convinced it ever will) that it has been nothing of the sort. Robert Mueller and his crack team of Democrat-connected lawyers have spent two years charging a long list of people with crimes that have nothing to do with Trump, or Russia or collusion, though Trump has obviously been their target all along.  It has been used strategically to create screaming headlines and to make the President appear to be guilty…of something. At precisely the same time, the Special Counsel has ignored fact after publicly reported fact of massive corruption in the Clinton Campaign and the DNC (acting as one in the same at that time according Democrat operative, Donna Brazile) for….you guessed it, collusion with Russia, and a whole lot more.  That includes money-laundering, repeated pay-to-play schemes while she was Secretary of State, such as selling 20% of American Uranium to Russia (yes, Russia!) in exchange for massive donations into Clinton campaign coffers; maintaining a private e-mail server to cover all those illegal doings which in itself is a felony, and then destroying the evidence after it had been subpoenaed, another honking felony. On and on it goes, yet those pointing fingers and handing down indictments couldn’t find any of it if it fell on their heads duct-taped to a grand piano.  In fact, more evidence has revealed that the FBI had written Hillary’s exoneration decision before she was questioned. Was it mere coincidence that they never put her under oath? Protecting Hillary was always about protecting themselves because they were intimately involved in all of it from the beginning, including the infamous Steele Dossier which was used to get a fraudulent FISA warrant to spy on Trump through his low-level associates. Democrats called him crazy when he tweeted a sneak peek to that fact back in March of 2017. We’ve had front-row seats as all of this has been played out for all who have dared to see.  Sadly, that is not as many as it ought to be. No questions. No curiosity. Don’t dare look, there’s nothing to see. Who’s colluding with whom?  Never think the phony charges the Left throws at their enemies are coincidental. Having already gone beyond his purview, Mueller has endeavored to kill two birds with one stone,  (Or, “feed two birds with one scone,” if you’ve knuckled under to  PETA’s ridiculous newspeak which claims that the original phrase offends birds) by going after people on Obama’s long-time hit list like Jerry Corsi. Corsi, you may remember was one of the few people to question the authenticity of the birth certificate Obama released publicly. The certificate has been ruled a fake. Corsi was called a racist for daring to ask the question. If you ask a question you’re not supposed to ask, you are invariably a racist–but only if you ask about a Democrat. The Special Prosecutor and his team have also been working overtime to protect the previous President and do his bidding. They were there during that period too. Meanwhile the press has been willing to ignore the biggest political scandal in the history of our Republic. There are numerous players, twists, turns and complexities. It’s better than any Tom Clancy novel, but who would believe it? What is most important is that Trump is being “policed” by criminals cloaked as law enforcement officers who are guilty of  precisely the crimes for which they have been attempting to frame Trump. You can’t make this stuff up but perhaps someday, Tom Clancy will posthumously write it.   photo credit: verchmarco Ein Richterhammer mit Handeschellen und einer Pistole via photopin (license)

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