‘Eracists’: Using race to erase our culture

Thomas Jefferson – Rembrandt Peale, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Want to erase and destroy America day after day and month after month until it’s gone?

Call whatever you want to erase, “Racist!” and boom!  You can drag it into your “recycle bin” and delete.

A tiny minority of slash and burn Leftists are taking a sledgehammer to our history and our culture at an alarming rate.

To add insult to injury, they claim to be morally superior by  championing all the victims (they’ve created) while they do it:

Hundreds of Mountains, Rivers, and Other Sites in the U.S. With Racist Names Are Being Rebranded

Squaw, a racist and misogynist word for Indigenous women, was labeled a derogatory term by the DOI in November 2021. After moving to replace the word in all official communications, the department is now moving forward with an initiative to remove it from the names of mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, and other sites managed by the federal government.

But “woman” is just a “social construct,” right?    How can….??

Never mind, that’s only whenever you’re trying to destroy masculinity and women’s sports. Otherwise, you should keep labeling things “misogynist” and “racist” whenever it works to further weaken and destroy America.

Ask them how they got to be god in our universe?

You’re cancelled.

Karen Kataline

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