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Has our government turned against us?

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Some have been saying it for a a few years. Others refuse to consider it at all:

Has our government turned against us?
(If so, what are the implications of that?)

With a monopoly of federal power, the Left and its enablers are finally showing us what they really meant when for decades, they lectured us about “fairness,” “compassion” and “tolerance.”

They have:

  • Opened our borders to the masses in direct violation of immigration law and even offered them huge rewards. (450K anyone?) While imposing onerous and unconstitutional “health mandates” on the citizens who elected them, they have exempted illegals.
  • Abandoned American citizens to be captured or killed in a country that has vowed to destroy us.
  • Willingly handed them our high-tech weaponry with which to attack us.
  • Rather than using commercial jets to rescue American citizens whom they abandoned to be captured or killed in Afghanistan, they demanded that those jets fly thousands of unvetted foreign nationals from that country to be settled in America.  More have been settled in states they consider to be hostile to their takeover.
  • Openly sided with communists in Cuba after a 60-year history of standing for the Liberty of its’ citizens.
  • Corrupted our culture and our children, and emasculated our men.
  • Sowed distrust and hatred between citizens in as many ways as they possibly could.
  • Purged Patriots from our military, police and judiciary.
  • Bullied and intimidated citizens to be Injected of a potentially deadly, experimental drug while exempting themselves. They continue to escalate the persecution and punishment of those who refuse.
  • Incited riots in our cities and refused to prosecute those who caused injury, death and destruction, and then planted FBI agents to frame their political enemies for “insurrection.”
  • Returned us to dependence on foreign oil by shutting down our pipelines and imposing restrictions on the use of our own resources.
  • Continued to spend us into oblivion, causing hyper-inflation, misery for millions, and potential economic collapse.
  • Shut down dissent and have persecuted and punished those who have dared to question or disagree with these and other acts.

It is difficult and painful for good people to admit that such grievous acts could be deliberate and committed by their own government, but if we are ever to return our country to the rule of law, we must accurately address the motive of those who have so brazenly violated it.


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Karen Kataline

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