How do you know when it’s baloney?

Waxmop at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

If they have to force you to swallow it, it’s probably baloney.

Bullying those who refuse to go along with mass insanity is a tactic that is metastasizing today.

The good news is that this can often be a shortcut to finding the truth.

The following case hardly requires such contortions:

Teacher Tells Kindergartners ‘When Babies Are Born,’ Doctors ‘Guess Whether the Baby Is a Boy or a Girl’

This horribly confused adult is but one example of the militant effort not just to expose young children to sexual content and gender politics, but to create gender dysphoria rather than address it.  -and who thinks 5-year-olds need to address it?

This teacher claims kids don’t get confused or scared when she unloads this horse manure on them. “They get it,”  she says.

Stage mothers who inappropriately display their kids in child beauty pageants say their kids “love it,” too.

Now the American education system has institutionalized that narcissistic dysfunction and disregard for the innocence of childhood into a true “plandemic.”

What they don’t understand is that they are being used too–to destroy America and its next generation.

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