How many examples are required before we stop believing the propaganda media?…

How many examples are required before we stop believing the propaganda media?

Have you noticed that the propaganda media now mentions the skin color of every person in every story they report? They do this to get the maximum mileage from the chaos they regularly foment.

Funny how in this story, they conspicuously leave the race of both parties out, because it doesn’t fit their ugly narrative to reduce people to nothing more than their skin color.

Once the truth of this story gets out, the life of this protestor will no longer matters to them anymore. They may even get a temporary attack of logic and wonder if maybe, just maybe it might not be a good idea for protestors to attempt to shut down highways with their bodies.

Before it was reported that this driver was black, it was assumed he hit the girl on purpose. Now that we know he’s black, it is of course an accident. We deserve better reporting from all of them, but we won’t get it.

How many examples does it take to stop believing the propaganda media? Certainly not the first story they tell. Wait to find out how their lies and fear-mongering are likely wrong again.

Dawit Kelete Accused of Running Over Seattle Protesters

Dawit Kelete is a Seattle man accused of running over two protesters, killing Summer Taylor, in Washington state.


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