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Is Fox News Turning on Trump?

Since when does every journalist have a right to White House access regardless of how belligerent and outrageous their behavior?  Apparently, since CNN decided to sue the White House for revoking Jim Acosta’s press pass.  A judge has ordered that pass restored but only until the case can be properly adjudicated.

The First Amendment does not guarantee that all reporters can have access to White House press conferences which by the way, are not constitutionally required of the President in the first place.

The faux outrage against Trump whom networks hate and the complete pass that was given to Obama whom they slobbered and fawned over is mind-boggling. Obama bullied and controlled the press. He even used the power of the federal government to retaliate against them when there was a possibility that they might not report on him favorably. What was their response? “Thank you Sir, may I have another? Obama had a transgender activist removed from a press conference. Other reporters dutifully applauded.

Meanwhile, Trump admonished one reporter at a press conference and removed his press pass which he has full authority to do and the networks go bananas screaming that Trump is against a free press.

The circumstances of these two examples couldn’t be more different. So why is Fox News siding with CNN? Would that have happened when Rupert Murdoch was at the helm of Fox News rather than his children?  Leftist ideas continue to close in on and shut down conservatives and their ideas with each passing day. Time for them to start speaking up louder than ever and only supporting alternative media that refuses to be bullied by the authoritarian Left.


photo credit: Can Pac Swire 1980s scene re-creation: CNN news van via photopin (license)

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