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How Many Chances Should the Propaganda Media Get?

In most areas of life, you are judged by your past actions and behavior.  You have to submit a resume to show your experience and usually, you have to show your results as well. 
 In personal relationships, you build trust by being trustworthy. If you betray that trust you are rarely given a second chance, let alone a third.  If you ripped someone off in business, others who know will warn their friends not to do business with you.

Why does accountability for past lies, betrayals and failures never seem to count when it comes to Leftist “progressives” in the media and elected office?  Why do they continue to get unlimited chances to mischaracterize, propagandize, omit facts and flat-out lie?

They can frame the President for crimes they’re friends have committed. There can be hard evidence and facts to back that up, yet they continue to double down on the same lies.  Enough people believe those lies (or want to) and they start to believe it too. Others have  convinced themselves that destroying Trump is more important than the truth.

In the meantime, they cover up their secret disdain for the very people they’ve hoodwinked.  Every so often we get a glimpse of what they really believe– that the masses are too ignorant to believe the “right” things and must be controlled by any means possible.

This virulent establishment media is still trying every smear in the book to destroy a President who continues to become more popularity because of his results. They have accused him of racism, mental illness, sloth, treason and even obesity.  It doesn’t matter. When the facts indicate that this and so much more is a flat-out lie, (Trump is probably a little overweight even without his bullet-proof vest) they aren’t ever held accountable.  Yet, people continue to watch and listen to them, grasping for a shred of truth in the heapin’ helpin’ of lies they dish out every day.

About the only real accountability we’ve seen is that CNN lost about 50% of its audience after they finally announced that there was no collusion in the Mueller investigation.  Nevertheless, they haven’t skipped a beat in their desperate attempt to smear and destroy the President.  They keep hoping that maybe all that linguini they keep throwing on the wall will somehow stick.

We had the “Creepy porn Lawyer” from whom even his client had to distance herself.  She was a winner too. Then, we had Michael Cohen, currently sitting in jail. The Democrat-controlled congress gave him the position of  “star witness” to testify against the guy he unethically taped.

The media also went gaga over another “bombshell” that E. Jean Carroll to advance her book called, “Who needs men anyway” who claimed to have been raped by Donald Trump in Bergdorf Goodmans.  In the middle of a fluff interview with Anderson Cooper she mentioned how “sexy” rape is.  Any retractions?  Apologies?  Self-reflection on the part of those who were wrong again?  Of course not.  They’re on to their next search for someone, anyone who can appear credible enough to get the job they want done.  They’ve been scouring the planet for the last three or four years.  All that scouring has never lead to any real reporting on the Clintons, the Obamas, or the Bidens, oh my!

This “compassionate” Left doesn’t care a bit about the President’s unprecedented effectiveness at accomplishing the tasks that both parties have been promising for decades—- little things like lower unemployment for everyone, a booming economy, growing strength in trade deals… etc. etc.   They will talk those things down as if they don’t exist at all, and they have.

Will the Left and it’s media acolytes ever apologize for perpetrating one scam after another on the public in order to bring down a President?

It doesn’t take a great prognosticator to predict that.  It’ll be the twelfth of never.


photo credit: wuestenigel NBC News logo under magnifying glass via photopin (license)

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