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Kataline hosts The Alan Nathan Show, 10.12.20

Guests: John Hayward, Julie Hayden, Zack Smith, John Zmirak, Ted Harvey

Karen Kataline guest hosting on the Alan Nathan Show.

  • Democrats are furious that Donald Trump recovered so well and quickly from COVID-19. Why are they so desperately invested in scaring people about it?
  • You’d think they were using it for political reasons or something.
  • A Trump supporter is horrifically murdered in Denver at a “Patriot Muster” when the groups Denver Communists, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter showed up to agitate and shut them down. //Why are Leftist TV stations in Denver hiring armed “security guards” no one will acknowledge weren’t actually security guards?
  • Why is distinguished judge, Amy Coney Barrett having to sit passively with a black mask on her face while she’s being lectured to by lawless lawmakers? Because it’s the first day of the Senate Confirmation hearing.
  • Will Democrats get away with calling her nomination “packing the court” when they don’t think Americans have a right to know if that’s what they would actually do?

Guests, John Hayward, Julie Hayden, Zack Smith, Former State Senator Ted Harvey, John Zmirak

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