Spouting Off

Kataline hosts The Alan Nathan Show

    • After decades of “Feminism” preening about Women’s Rights, #MeToo, and more, child sex trafficking and the enslavement of women is a bigger problem than ever before. Where are those voices now and did all that virtue signaling make a difference or was it just talk for political purposes?
    • To create a moral equivalent between Netanyahu & Hamas is reprehensible, yet it’s all being wrapped in glitter & celebrity w/ Amal Clooney admitting to having recommended it to the ICC. Who will be gullible enough to fall for it?
    • Biden imposed new tariffs on China, but his “Green Energy” push heavily favors China. In light of his widely known history with China, what’s really going on? Is it schizophrenia? Dystopia?

Karen Kataline hosting for The Alan Nathan Show, 5/22/24

Hour 1
Guests:  Dr. Katariina Rosenblatt, Ruthie Blum, Cameron Hamilton     

Kataline hosting The Alan Nathan Show,

Hour 2:
Guests: Keith Gross, Steve Goreham, Mark Moyar




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