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Kataline hosts The Alan Nathan Show, April 8, 2021

Guests: Chuck Bonniwell, John O'Connor, Jeff Brain, Thomas Renz, Karen Straughan and more!


  • These times are separating the “men from the boys”- and the conservatives from the confused.
  • Bill protecting minors from being put on puberty blockers/other medical treatments until they’re old enough to make an informed decision passes despite Gov. Hutchinson (R-AR)‘s veto. Why can’t he tell the difference between limited government and laws that protect children?
  • Why are woke leftists getting away with robbing the people of Atlanta which is over 34% black giving it to Denver which is about 9% Black? Will they finally be hoisted by their own identity politics petard?
  • Are Americans being goaded into committing national suicide?  What can Patriots do to wake them up before we all go down with the ship?


Karen Straughan
John O’Connor
Chuck Bonniwell






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